Keyworker Charities We Support

As your biggest fans, we want you to know just how much we value you, which is why we support the charities that support you. We donate 10% of our profits specifically to keyworker charities that provide you with grants, finance, advice, information and direct interventions to contribute to your holistic mental and physical wellbeing.

The Healthcare Workers' Foundation is a charity founded by NHS workers, for NHS workers. They exist to support the welfare and wellbeing of those fighting to keep us healthy and safe during the COVID-19 crisis, and beyond. 

The Care Workers Charity (CWC)exists to advance the financial, professional and mental wellbeing of social care workers by providing them with one-off crisis grants, signposting them to resources and providing access to services.

Frontline19 is a FREE independent, confidential and UK based nationwide service delivering psychological support to people working on the frontline.

Education Support provides mental health and wellbeing support services to all education staff and organisations, at any level and in any institution. They offer free, confidential help and support for stress & depression, personal, & financial worries. 

Teaching Staff Trust provides financial support to people working (or who have retired from working) in education of under-19s for five years or more. We aim to make a real difference when the unexpected happens by reducing the financial impact of bereavement, serious ill health or injury, relationship breakdown, loss of home or loss of income. 

British Dental Association charity provides financial aid to dental students, dentists and their families in need, living in the UK, whether they are in training, in practice, have left the profession or are retired. 

The Social Workers’ Benevolent Trust offers financial help to social workers and their dependents in times of hardship, e.g. experiencing sickness, bereavement, family difficulties or sudden catastrophe.

It is a small charity with limited funds, and it aims to provide grants that will make a tangible difference to the applicants. Applicants need to complete an application form if they wish to be considered for a grant.

The Social Workers Educational Trust provides grants of up to £500 to individuals who undertake post-qualifying training to improve their knowledge and skills for social work practice. In addition, the Trust manages funds bequeathed or subscribed in memory of colleagues. These funds provide more substantial scholarships which are awarded annually through competition.