Teams For ICONS

Established during the covid19 pandemic with a commitment to give back to keyworkers, everything we do is about supporting, advocating and championing you amazing icons.

We have an exciting future ahead of us, and our whole ethos is underpinned by strong values of serving, empowering, celebrating and giving back to you.

We work collaboratively and have each other’s backs, constantly driven to achieve our shared vision. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we know the world of scrubs, apparel and work essentials needs to do better for you. Our workplace is inclusive, supportive, energetic, driven and everyone is welcome! 




Ready to join Team ICONS?  

Our teams work collaboratively both at our head office in Poole, Dorset, as well as remotely, ensuring we get the best people for the job.



Whether you’re discovering the next global trend or building great relationships with our suppliers all over the world, our Buyers are commercially minded and live, breathe and eat fashion. Your opinion matters. We will trust your expertise and knowledge and give you the autonomy to go out and buy!


Design and Production

We like to think of ourselves as the new designer workwear and accessories brand on the market. Working closely with our Buying teams you’re one of the first to see our product come to life, using your own creative flare to develop product. You’ll know our customer profile well, their likes and dislikes and what they expect from us in terms of quality, sustainability and ethics.



Our creatives are all about the visuals. They are involved in shoots, production, campaigns on our website and social media channels. They are made up of Stylists, Photographers, Digital Designers, Copywriters and lots more. All with a great eye for detail and the ability to work cross functionally and to deadlines.



Customer Support

The experience of our customers is our highest priority, and that’s why this role focuses on just that. Whether it’s through our website, social media channels, business relationships or emails. Whatever the touch point we aim to maintain a positive relationship that exceeds our customers expectations.


Marketing and PR

Our Marketing team lives and breathes the brand and is constantly looking for innovative and inclusive ways to reach and engage with our customers. We deliver campaigns that inspire, provoke, entice and immerse themselves in the lives of our customers, what they stand for and what they value.


Administrative Support

Our admin teams are the lifeblood of our business. Highly skilled, organised and adaptable, they keep everything ticking over and act as the right hand to our managers and leaders.



Our Hiring Process

Stage 1


You’ve read how amazing it is to work here, and now you’ve seen the perfect role for you.  We can’t wait to receive your CV and application!


Stage 2

Telephone Screen

An opportunity for you to chat through your experience and learn a bit more about the opportunity available with one of our managers.

Stage 3


 YAY, you’ve bagged yourself an interview!  You will be briefed you on what to prepare and expect.  Dependant on the role, the process may include a 2nd and 3rd stage also.

Stage 4


Welcome to ICONS!  We’ll process your offer and start the onboarding process making sure you’ve got everything you need and are ready to go.