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We’re your biggest fans, supporters, and advocates that’s who! We think you’re amazing.

So we’ve elevated you to the status of Icon, because there’s no-one on this planet more worthy or fitting of the title.

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Giving Back To You

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Fit For Icons: It’s who you are

We came into existence to champion, support and find a way to give back to key workers in health, dentistry, education and social care, and we’re on a mission to do just that. A mission that will help create a world that is kinder and fairer to all the humans on this planet.

That’s why the whole foundation of our business is about finding ways to give back to you. From our online retail store that provides clothing, gifts and products just for keyworkers, to our support for charities directly caring and offering practical help to your professions, to the creation of our charitable giving arm, Fit For Humankind, to implement and support charitable programmes around health, dentistry, education and social care at home and in third world countries.

#Come join the uprising.

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Mission, Aims & Core Values