Our Story

Who We Are


We exist to serve, empower, advocate, and celebrate keyworkers in health, dentistry and veterinary.

We design, make, and provide scrubs and work essential products that focus on style, comfort, performance and durability specifically for our keyworker professions.



The idea for the business came about during the COVID19 pandemic when CEO, Tessa Wilson, who had worked as a business consultant across Health and Social Care for many years, was appalled by the desperate shortage of PPE for frontline keyworkers. Keen to do something to help, she began sewing PPE. Initially this was for her daughter who is a doctor, as well as family members and friends who were doctors, teachers, social workers, nurses and health professionals. 


“Tessa set up an army of over 400 volunteers to sew PPE for any keyworker that needed it”


Tessa soon became inundated with requests from overwhelmed and terrified staff working in unsafe and unprotected conditions, with unsafe staffing levels. Distressed by their harrowing stories, she resolved to do something that would give back to them.

She quickly set up an online army of over 400 volunteers to make scrubs, facemasks, scrub bags, headbands, and ear protectors for any keyworker across the UK that needed them. This included doctors, nurses, health workers, teachers, social care workers, and support staff, all providing essential services to the rest of us, and our families.


“The ICONS brand is founded on the principles of serving, empowering, celebrating and giving back to keyworkers”.



From this, the ICONS brand was born, founded on the principles of serving, empowering, celebrating and giving back to keyworkers. The name ICONS was chosen to reflect our perception of what real ICONS look like, behave like and represent in modern day societies. ICONS who are ordinary people demonstrating extraordinary selflessness, courage, and servitude to those who need them on a daily basis. The ICONS logo intertwines the letters K and W to represent Key Workers.


Giving Back

Underpinned by our commitment to give back to our modern-day ICONS, we donate 10% of our net profits to your keyworker charities supporting holistic mental and physical wellbeing through direct and practical interventions.

The ICONS brand has now created its not-for-profit Fit For Icons Foundation to promote, support, and help fund fair and equitable access to health, education, dentistry and social care services in developing countries too.